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  • I am planning to write a Quasar/Vue/Electron desktop app for secretaries for dog sports. This will need to have a lot of data, so will need a database. I currently have one written in FileMaker, but FileMaker has so many quirks and limitations that I want to change the entire application.

    My question is, since I need a lot of well-organized data, would it be okay to use localbase/IndexedDB, or should I plan on using SQLite instead?

    There is a good localbase/indexedDB tutorial, but I haven’t seen a good tutorial on using SQLite. I’m brand new to Quasar so need all the tutorials I can get. I do like the easy syntax of localbase, though. But as data intensive as my application will be, I don’t know if that will meet my needs.

    I appreciate input, thanks!

  • @cynderkromi what kind of data are you planning to store? Why not store it on separate server? Like firebase or host your own with hasura etc.?

  • @nededa This has to be an offline, desktop only application. So I need something offline only. I’ll do it with Electron. It will hold a LOT of data. Dog names and information, people names and information, trial entry information, fees, etc.

  • @cynderkromi I’ve used SQLite with Quasar, but there also were not many tutorials. The biggest difference between that and indexedDb is that you’ll have to connect to sqlite on the electron main process, and pass messages between the render and electron process. Also one tip is that you’ll need since the version of node electron uses will usually not match your system node version.

  • @beets Okay thanks! Good to know. I am still examining my options of maybe using indexedDB but I will have a ton-load of data.

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