Scrollbar doesnt display on android

  • My scrollbars doesnt display on android but works fine running in the browser. Are there somewhere in the configuration I need to enable scrollbars? Or something else?

    My code is simply something like this. As you can see. Works with scrollbar but when I run it as android application through android studio emulator the scrollbar wont display.


    <div id="app">
     <div class="session-container">
        <div class="session-content-container">
               v-for="item in comments"
            {{ item.message }}
          <div class="prevsession-arrow"></div>
    var app = new Vue({
      el: '#app',
      data: {
          comments: [
          { message: "This is my message number one!" },
          { message: "This is my message number two!" },
          { message: "This is my message number three!" },
          { message: "This is my message number four!" }

  • @acros

    this is expected behavior. All scrollbars are hidden on android.

  • aha, interesting. I didnt knew that.

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