Data Table sticky header

  • Have been playing around with this framework for a week now and love it! 🙂

    In the docs (0.13 and 0.14) for Data Tables there is mention of sticky headers, but cannot find any docs on how to use it! Anyone managed to get it working?


  • You have to give the body a fixed height, then the header will become sticky and the body will scroll.

    From the docs in the config object section:

      // (optional)
      // Styling the body of the data table;
      // "minHeight", "maxHeight" or "height" are important
      bodyStyle: {
        maxHeight: '500px'

  • @a47ae
    Working perfectly, thanks!

  • Hi, it seems this option does not work with version 0.15? Is there another option of make the data-table header stay fixed when scrolling. Same question for the footer.
    I would like to have the table expand to the full height of the parent element.

  • Good question. There is no description in 0.15 docs how to make header fixed.