Anybody succeeded in building electron app for arm64 macos variant ?

  • quasar cli always bulding the macos x64 version despite any command line options

  • Hi,
    What builder you are using for creating the build? Electron-builder or electron-packager?

  • Hi, I’m using electron-builder. But the --arch command line option is just ignored

  • @Sfinx In quasar.conf in builder section, have you tried to use ‘mas’ parameter for building and check?

    mac: {
      target: [
        "mas" <- this one

    Also, that’s worth checking if you have Electron v11 for that just in case 🙂

  • @Ilia Adding mas do not changing anything, I need arm64 build not x86:

    …build log…
    • packaging platform=mas arch=x64 electron=11.0.3 appOutDir=dist/electron/Packaged/mas
    • downloading url= size=78 MB parts=8
    • building target=macOS zip arch=x64 file=dist/electron/Packaged/
    • downloaded url= duration=11.973s

    As you can see from build log zip and mas targets are using the same

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