Insert a image in on column in my table

  • How can I insert an image on one row of my table? I have tried to put v-if in my loop through the columns but I cannot get it right. I am pretty new to quasar so I might confuse things. My idea was to use the v-if for checking if the column name is ‘Image’ insert an image. And only in that column

    My columns are Name, Age and Image

    Here is my code:

        <template v-slot:body="props">
          <div class="row-spacing"></div>
            @click="onRowClick($event, props.row)"
              v-for="col in props.cols"
              >{{ col.value }}
              <div v-if=" === 'Image'">
                <img class="profile-img" :src="profileimg[0].url" />

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