Reusable QPopupEdit?

  • I have a table with 16 columns and 100 rows, each of the cell are editable using QPopupEdit, however the table become slower to load if I added QPopUpEdit on each q-td (like the example from the doc). I tried to remove the <q-popup-edit> on the for looped <q-td> and it loads way faster so the QPopupEdit is most likely the issue.

    I also added q-menu on each cell so I can right click on each cell to show different menu, was having the same issue and it causes the table become slower to load, so I implemented reusable menu like the example from doc by giving each cell its unique ID and use target on the q-menu, and the table loaded significantly faster

    I wonder if I can do the same thing in QPopupEdit like I did in QMenu.

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