Quasar v1.14.4/5 released!

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    https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar/releases/tag/quasar-v1.14.5 -> repackaging of v1.14.4 to fix the “no css” issue


    • feat(ui): Sync core animation classes with animatecss (#7981)
    • feat(QEditor): Added optional paragraphTag property (#7810)
    • feat(QSelect): animate arrow indicator on opening/closing the menu #8048 (#8058)


    • fix(QTime): options - hrs 11 and 23 always missing #7968
    • fix(QEditor): toolbar button icons should accept “null” as value
    • fix(QEditor): toolbar menu - list: ‘no-icons’ has no effect #7969
    • fix(lang/hu): correct the form of pluralDay (#7996)
    • fix(lang/th): Change typo of november month (#8023)
    • fix(lang/fa-ir): “ضخیم” is a more appropriate translation. #8032
    • feat(ClickOutside): do not close menus opened below non-seamless dialogs on pointer interaction in dialog (#8046)
    • feat(QDialog): don’t close modal when mouse clicking on backdrop if a menu is open (make it work the same way as with touch) (#8045)
    • fix(QRouteTab): fix click event handling #7686, #7143 (#8020)
    • fix(lang/fa,fa-ir): updating farsi pluralDay translation (#7998)
    • fix(lang): Correct date picker header date format for french #7991 (#8019)
    • fix(Notify): Notify avatar doesn’t show as 1:1 aspect ratio for landscape images #7959
    • fix(QSelect): always pass itemAligned false to the QField in dialog #7945 (#8053)\
    • fix(QInfiniteScroll): position scroll on bottom before first poll when using reverse mode #7933 (#8051)
    • fix(QField): the avatar size should only apply for marginals #8041 (#8054)
    • fix(QInput): prevent multiple emitting of the same value when the emmit is in the same tick #7783 (#8059)
    • fix(QSelect): force height of the span having the selected value to fix baseline alignment #7623 (#8055)
    • fix(QBtnDropdown): close menu when split mode changes; make menu act as fit even if button is split #8026 (#8057)
    • fix(QTabs): calculate size of content as sum of children sizes because scroll is sometimes updated too late #7667 (#8060)
    • fix(QSkeleton/QLinearProgress/QSlider/QUploader/QVirtualScroll): transparent linear-gradient on iOS #8017
    • fix(QDialog): scrolling may break in corner-case scenario #8035

  • @rstoenescu I’m not sure what may have triggered it, but when I upgrade to v1.14.4, quasar dev / quasar build compiles me an empty quasar.sass ( /* top comment only */ ), so I end up with completely unstyled components. Updating package.json to pin “quasar”: “1.14.3” and install fixes the issue… pin it back to “1.14.4” and no css again.

    Pkg quasar… v1.14.4
    Pkg @quasar/app… v2.1.7

    Pkg quasar… v1.14.3
    Pkg @quasar/app… v2.1.7

  • Same thing here , my app style is totally broken…

  • Also completely broken - even on a brand new quasar create app… Screenshot here: https://www.screencast.com/t/kbtGouFK

  • Looks like the whole Quasar web site just broke the same way…

  • v1.14.5 has been released to fix the “no css” issue.

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    There was a problem with the UI package build system. Fixed it and repackaged 1.14.4 into v1.14.5, so please upgrade to it. Thank you and sorry for going through this problem. @bompus @godbrain @Synaptrix

  • Thanks for the quick response 🙂

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