How do I get images from my API URL?

  • Hello,
    I have a Django API and I try to fetch my data from my api, I can get the text data without problem but image url seems wrong in the console:

    "GET http://localhost:8080/media/cache/98/1b/981b6c4b22c284840ee52235228370bb.jpg 404 (Not Found)"

    I tried to modify in quasar.conf.js

    devServer: {
          https: false,
          port: 8080,
          //public: '',   
          open: true // opens browser window automatically

    How can I get my media files correctly?

  • @ytsejam

    The image request url for Django has the same host and port number( localhost:8080) as your quasar app. That can’t be right…( almost never).

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