Testing browser compatibility

  • Do you know a way to test browser compatibility with last Quasar?

    I do not mind not supporting old browsers, but it would be nice at least display something like “Sorry, your browser is not supported, use X, Y or Z” instead of just showing a blank page.

  • Admin

    Assuming you are using v0.14, if you need to support IE 11 (I bet big money this is your case where you get blank page), then check this doc page: http://beta.quasar-framework.org/guide/browser-support.html

    Why do I say I think you are talking about IE 11? Because IE11 does not has support for Promises. So it needs a polyfill (supplied by the additional Quasar import – check doc page). Promises are required by Webpack for lazy loading routes, so after all it’s not Quasar’s fault for having a blank page.

    Also note that Quasar offers support for minimum IE11.

  • @rstoenescu
    Thanks for your reply, but do not put down your bets so quickly (-:

    I have tested several of my computers/mobiles and found the blank page (sometimes showing the toolbars) in my older mobile FF (v.28), Opera (v. 18), Android Browser (v.4), as well as on my very new mobile with default MIUI browser (which is Chrome 53 in disguise), also my older Windows 7 computer had problems (IE 9).

    The “blank page” is not a problem per se. I checked the logs/analytics and the (more) older versions of browsers account for <5% (except for the IE11, which accounted for 8% itself) of the traffic. But it would be nice to have a way (probably not Quasar-unique one) to check the browser and if it does not support necessary stuff for Quasar, than to show the user some information “Sorry, …”. Showing blank screen is bad, showing info “your browser is not supported” is ok.

    Something like testing it with Modernizr (but I do not have any idea, which features to test in this case).

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