Is quasar suitable for complex desktop apps ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m new to quasar and Vue in general. I’m really liking the way components are organized so now I’m looking for frameworks to cut down a bit development time and quasar caught my attention.

    I’m planning a small application and I want to use quasar for it, but I can’t see any project or example using quasar that make me thing that it may be the right choice for this particular project.

    Mi objective is to make the app mimic a traditional desktop app. This means small buttons with several toolbars , sub-menus, collapsible panels and selectable trees. Something like what you do with things like kendo-ui . Is quasar suitable for this kind of development ? Is there anything like this made before ? If quasar is not the right choice, could you please point me to something else ?

    Many thanks in advance

  • I’d say yes.
    You just have to use Electron starter and that’s all, you’re good to go.

    Quasar at the moment, thanks to the amazing effort from @rstoenescu offers everything that you need for the desktop or mobile development.

  • Hmm… I wouldn’t go that far. The amount of available components is impressive with Quasar for sure, but the main emphasis is clearly on web and mobile apps. There are however, enough resources to get you started building more advanced components for desktop use. I’d agree to that. Still, you’ll probably be finding some UI widgets or components for the desktop might be needing to be built from scratch. It naturally depends on how advanced a desktop UI you want to build.


  • Thanks for your answers. To be honest the app will not be so complex: a navbar, three columns, one of them collapsible. The only thing I would like to have our of the box is the desktop looking: small buttons,grouped with no padding or margin between them, and the same thing for columns.
    Maybe the closest thing would be the Google documents UI, for example

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