Are Quasar components required for build process?

  • I have only just started using Quasar on a project with specific UX requirements. For example, I need a blue outlined input on hover. Three days of hacking the CSS has not produced a solution.

    My question is, will using standard HTML <input> rather than <q-input> break the Quasar build magic, or can I roll my own standard elements as needed?

  • @bkirvin

    What you want is very possible with the right css knowledge. But yes changing the looks of Quasar component’s can sometimes be quite difficult.

    You can use other vue components in Quasar app’s with little to no problem. Just do not expect to implement complete UI libraries like Vuetify (without css conflicts).

    Using a standard non vue/quasar input will make things a bit more difficult I guess but here’s a simple demo how you can create a vue component from just an input:

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