Ionic/Vue has been released with Vue 3. Why Quasar is lagging to integrate with Vue 3 ?

  • Few days ago Ionic released stable version of ionic vue which is based on Vue 3. My simple question is - Being Quasar a valuable community partner of Vue why Quasar is fall behind with ionic for integration with Vue 3 ? As per new timeline it will take another 2 months for Quasar to integrate with new version of vue. As quasar developer I would expect it before ionic vue release.

  • Simple answer, because Ionic’s core architecture isn’t based on Vue and thus, they have it a lot easier. Also, Vue 3 doesn’t yet properly support SSR via it’s loader, which Quasar needs. Ionic doesn’t do SSR.

    Sorry we aren’t meeting your expectations. For sure Razvan wants this to happen, as does the whole team. It’s just things aren’t panning out as we’d all like them to.


  • @s-molinari thanks for your quick reply.

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