Qtree Defatult Expand All Doesn't work?

  • Hi. Here is my code. It’s very simple? Where is my wrong?

    <q-tree :nodes="assemblies" label-key="name" node-key="id" default-expand-all :selected.sync="selectedAssembly" selected-color="primary"/>

    I fetch the nodes from laravel kelnoy/nest… It doesn’t expand as default.

  • @mecjos

    as you can see the ‘default’ q-tree auto expand is not broken:


    If you look at the api desciption of default-expand-all :

    Allow the tree to have all its branches expanded, when first rendered

    So auto expand will only work when the q-tree is first rendered.

    So it will not work if you’re fetching the nodes and change the nodes after the q-tree has first rendered. Instead you should call expandAll() on the q-tree ( using a ‘ref’) after you have populated the tree with your fetched data.

  • @dobbel thank you… I added it into updated lifecycle hook and it’s ok…

      updated () {

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