Hot reload pre-hooks or disconnecting before hot reloading

  • Hello,
    I’m developing an app based on quasar 1.0.5 that uses a bluetooth connection to a device. While I code frontend (pages, vues etc) there is no problem with hot reloading and the app stays connected in bluetooth.

    However, if I change something in the store or in the boot this reloads the entire app but without disconnecting properly from the bluetooth. I then need to reboot my device to reconnect properly to it.

    Does someone has an idea on how to solve this ?


  • @Alexandre

    So how I see the problem is that you cannot connect to your bluetooth device when the bluetooth device thinks it still has valid connections. (Because the connections are not properly disconnected)

    I presume your bluetooth connection is instantiated by the Quasar app?

    So how about this. When Quasar reloads the entire app, the boot files will also run again. What if you create a boot file that always (first) tries to disconnect any open connections with the bluetooth device, before setting up a new bluetooth connection from Quasar( I assume you do that in the boot file too).

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