Desktop App Possibly with Electron

  • I have been spending a lot of time on Google lately looking for something to create a new Desktop app in.

    I currently have an application already written in Filemaker 16 but there are so many things I don’t like about it. My product is a dog sports secretarial software where the user takes entries for a sport, so has a database with people and dogs, puts the dogs in certain types of runs, produces reports, sends emails, and tracks the entry fees.

    I have looked at Xojo but I don’t like how limited it is when it comes to designing the interface on the Mac. I develop on the Mac and I need to produce an application for both Mac and Windows. Most of my users will be on Windows.

    I can’t sell this product for much, as my user base is limited, I may be able to sell about 100 copies.

    So I’m looking at Electron and have done a tutorial, but then I see that maybe it would be better to use it with Vue, and thus maybe even better with Quasar. But I’m not really sure what these products offer. So I’m looking for information about each of these and why, or if, I should use Quasar. I would love to not spend a ton of time developing, since I am certain not to make enough money to cover my time. I will do this because I like to program and I am a secretary and I like to have and offer a good product.

    Most of these secretarial software products are written in Access and run only on Windows.

    I was a programmer before I retired but I have not worked on things like this before. I am familiar with scripting etc but I am not really familiar with these types of technologies, so I would love feedback. Thanks!

  • @cynderkromi

    That’s a lot of text but the short answer is: Yes with Quasar you can make Desktop App’s(Electron) .

    Here’s a demo of an Electron App made in Quasar:

  • Thanks I will check that out. 🙂

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