SevenQ - WYSIWYG Quasar GUI builder

  • I opened to the public my personal project: SevenQ - Natural programming language & Matrix builder. It’s a new language/framework, part of which is a WYSIWYG Quasar GUI builder - i.e. all the Quasar widgets can be built at runtime with point-and-click, (for old timers like me - it’s like Visual Basic). Similar func-ty is the Quasar’s own Layout builder(
    the project is in a PRE-ALPHA stage, but the PoC/demo is good enough to show the potential, imho.
    I hope to attract potential users and/or fellow developers - so ANY feedback is welcome

    GUI builder demo: (
    The root widget is the QPage - you can add any children Quasar components or Strings
    Each Quasar component is editable in runtime(click in left-side tree to get the PopupEdit) - Quasar props, Quasar CSS classes, CSS properties, Native & Quasar events
    SevenQ docs: (
    a new Man-Machine programming language based on Leibnitz’s Characteristica Universalis and Aristotle’s Categories
    GitLab code(

    again, any feedback is welcome (especially negative one)

  • @sevenq42 honestly (and brutally - you asked for it so you will have it): this method is so way ahead that if you are oldtimer then you will not see or care about the benefits of your current vision. From what it looks, it needs not less than 2 generations to even comprehend (at least 20 years). Sadly, in a few years time, you will probably reach the point where as for now is Trygve Reenskaug (the inventor of MVC in 1978) with his DCI paradigm. Frankly, I think DCI is much more universal paradigm than your categories applications. It is not a chance, that we do not use categories anymore (see 80’ expert systems implementations). Well, we use some advanced type systems in niche languages, but in mainstream - nope. Yes, we love code generators but again, the code generators from the 90’ are no more. You want to “generate” the whole system, so no, I do not like it, I do not see it as a good step and do not consider it as a next mainstream programming paradigm.

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  • @qyloxe i didn’t understand much of your objections, but they showed you’re knowledgeable enough.
    the main idea here is Natural Universal Algebra - the language Leibnitz envisioned which will describe any idea[to a Human] in an accurate, simple, universal way. To ensure that ANY and EVERY idea can be described, we need an accurate, simple, universal description of EVERYTHING - which we find in Aristotle’s Categories(with a minor hack). Coincidentally, the pinnacle of modern math/logic/science - are computers. And they’re built on queries and commands. So… if we find a “language” or a “level of abstraction” common to Man and the Machine - we could do some neat things. And i say, this “language” is questions. Seven of them. Hence, the name - SevenQ.
    Regarding ‘expert systems’ - I am familiar with those, and they’re a one end of the scale - we’re currently at the opposite end - of the Artificial INTUITION era. SWAG elevated to the status of genius science. My answer to the problem is this - who is stronger/faster/smarter than Man or Machine? man AND machine. Think Batman with gadgets, IronMan with a suit, Ripley from Aliens with an exoskeleton, human brain with… like … i don’t know… bicycle for the mind??
    again, you seem like an intelligent person - thanks for your opinion and i would love to hear your angry rants again :))

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