qselect options from store

  • i want to display categories in dropdown list
    how to get it from store and loop the it in options

  • @anasaw You haven’t said much. How are your categories stored in a store? What do they look like? Did they come from a adatabase with an id?
    You don’t get much help right away if you don’t provide enough data to work with.

  • i’m use categories in many pages so i get it on create and store it

    	let payload = {

    and i display it like this

    <select v-model="category" class="form-c" >
        <option v-for="option in categories" v-bind:value="option.id">
            {{ option.name_en }}

    but i want to use qselect

  • @anasaw just use :options="options_array"do check the docs and its api.

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