Contract opportunity for senior full-stack developer

  • I have been working on a (closed) project for several months now. It is a consumer-facing application that is currently constrained to US customers. I’m looking for help from a senior, full-stack developer with experience building web and native apps (Electron & Cordova) with Quasar, Firebase, and Auth0. I have a software company that I started in 2014 but retired last year and this is my first project since (this project is not related to my previous business). It’s my first time building a full-stack application. It is very important that you already have this experience and can hit the ground running. I want you to start with a full code review and a write-up detailing thoughts on the project and the current state of the code. That write-up would determine the next steps (think of it as a competition). I’m open to a fixed fee engagement for the initial review and then an hourly rate moving forward. If you are interested, send me an email with your relevant experience and any questions you need from me in order for you to provide a work order for the initial review. I prefer someone living in the Western Hemisphere for time reasons. I am in the US in the Central Time Zone. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me here before submitting an email response. Thanks!

  • @Graypes Hey there… sent you a message.