QMediaPlayer - When the video ends return to poster image display

  • Running QMediaPlayer video on a page. The current behavior:

    • On a fresh page load, a poster image is displayed instead of the video.
    • After playing the video, the last frame of the video is displayed until the full page is reloaded.

    Once the video has finished, is it possible set the video to the beginning and display the poster image (in other words, back to the initial state after loading the page)?


  • @clwd The poster is only displayed by the underlying HTML5 video player until there is enough video loaded that it can switch over. There is no way to force the multimedia element to show the poster. But, you can manage some state where you show the poster image in the overlay. When playing don’t show it and when you get the event for video ended, you can put the image back. This is the only way I can think of where you will still have video controls available.

  • I will experiment with this a bit. Thanks for the suggestion!

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