q-editor custom bold handler

  • hi! in whatsapp web, to make a word bold, you have to surround by *. i am trying to make a wysiwyg for emails but also for whatsApp

    what i am looking for is a way to extend some basic format buttons functionalities ( bold, italic , strike ) and be able to add and remove “<b>" insted of “<b>” and "</b>” insted of “<b>”. algo when you select a bold text, the button on the toolbar gets activated , suggesting a toggle.

    i was thinking something arround definitions and a custom handler, but i cant figured out, and i think using as a base the actual bold btn implementation will be easier, but i dont know where to find it.


  • Hi, sorry it’s not very clear for me.

    whatsapp use markdown ?
    wysiwyg create an html text, but you dont want real html ?
    quasar editor (wysiwyg) let you creating button, you can just create whatever you want as button and component
    in my opinion, you want to recreate the wheel

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