[SOLVED] RTL works for Arabic but not Farsi

  • I have an app whose base language is en-gb, but which also has several language translations available (via dropdown selector) that will set lang to ar (arabic), es (spanish) and fa (farsi/persian), among others. When switching between English, Spanish and Arabic, everything works as expected in terms of string replacement and ltr/rtl direction. But when switching to Farsi/Persian (fa), only the strings show up correctly, the direction of my app does not change from ltr to rtl (as it does when switching to Arabic). Is there some place I need to set something special for Farsi/Persian that I do not have to do for Arabic?

  • Ok, I think I see the problem: fa-ir seems to be on quasar’s list of languages supported (https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar/tree/dev/ui/lang) but NOT fa which I am using (and I would assume is the more generic). I guess I will request the addition of fa to that list.

  • Done: https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar/pull/7957

    The question now is: how can I fix this in my build before this is integrated without building the whole project?

  • ok in case anyone is interested, I just found all the references to fa-ir in files in the node_modules/quasar folder and duplicated entries or files for fa. Works great for now and hopefully this will be in the next version.

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