Killer input functionality

  • There is this VUE project:

    and here is demo:

    And in this project is one functionality I love. The input control with automatic pill insert after typing ‘@’ or ‘#’. AWESOME!
    In this very post editor it is implemented too (for “@” and “:”), but only with text insertion. Here is a screenshot of autocomplete after “@”:


    and here is screenshot after pressing “#”:


    I would love if it could be possible to add this into quasar input/textarea controls.

  • Did you look into the chips input component?
    It is not exactly what you want, but I guess it should be simple to take the chips input component as template and build the component yourself.
    You should be able to use a watcher on the input string, tokenize the string and then transform the keywords you want into chips.

    I guess it is a bit hard to build a component that covers all use cases, because how to specify when an input token should be transformed into a tag?

    Nevertheless, you can open a feature request issue on Github to let people discuss that idea. 🙂

  • I agree this would be a killer feature. You could build it by combining q-autocomplete and q-chips, but really a dedicated directive or something would be awesome.
    If you make it into a github issue/request, I’m sure raz will consider adding it to 0.15

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