Different UI for different platform (Android/Iphone) using same code

  • I am starting to learn vuejs with Quasar.

    i have query suppose we made a basic app. So in development mode i am using mat theme. So i deployed the project but when see in android device and Iphone device UI was same.

    What i was thinking it will automatically render in different platform automatically using the same code. or am i missing anything if not then how can i achieve this.

    Many thanks

  • The Quasar theme and the device detection are two different things. If you want to use the iOS theme you have to change the build variable and rebuild your app, currently there is no other way to change the theme.
    Have a look here: http://beta.quasar-framework.org/guide/quasar-theming.html

  • Admin

    Build with “mat” theme when you deploy to Android and with “ios” when you deploy to iOS. Current webpack architecture does not let us dynamically load the proper theme based on the platform the app is running under.

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