How maximize a modal to the size of the router-view and not the full screen?

  • My screen (V.0.14 app) has q-layout with left side panel.
    I want to use a modal but it should be maximized but not ‘over’ the left side-panel.
    How can I achieve this?
    thanks in advance

  • That is a tricky one. I guess you could use the CSS calc attribute and set the model width to 100vh - the width of the side panel.
    But why do you want a modal in the first case, it sounds like you were better off by using a a router-view because normally modals are made for overlays.

  • Well, the screen is rather dynamic and in most cases it should be a normal popup but in some edge case I need 100% size.
    I guess that indeed the simplest approach is to isolate the content of the popup in a component in such a way it can be used both in a normal screen and a popup.
    Thanks a lot.

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