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  • Hi All,
    If you are willing to know what Quasar can do, you can try one of the apps written completely mostly with using just the capabilities of the framework and it’s extensions. The app is running on: Desktops (Macos, Windows), Mobiles (iOS, Android), Web (SPA, PWA).

    In short, Coloban allows you to manage your tasks right from the conversations with no need to create projects in Trello/Zoho/Jira/etc. Generally, the tasks are not being born in Project management tools, but they do come from the actual conversation. So, Coloban is effectively allowing you to create the tasks while you talk to your colleagues or clients.

    You can find it by going to and downloading the app for your favourite platform. So far, the application is available for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows (and your browser of course).

    Ask questions!!! I would love to reply you here!


  • Just added Kanban, Eisenhower Matrix and the fancy calendar (it is still the awesome q-calendar, but with some tweaks 🙂 )

  • Wow! Was this written fully in Quasar?

  • Did you post this on Hacker News?

  • @avistad Yes, this tool is based on Quasar and is supplied on Android, iOS, Web, MacOS and Windows (all is build with Quasar CLI as well) 🙂

  • @avistad We did place that on Hackernews, but it didn’t find much feedback - we probably need more visual materials to show people the advantages of it over the old tools.

  • @Ilia please pm me the link on HN next time you post. I would be happy to upvote! Same if you launch on Product Hunt

  • @avistad Sure, thank you! That’s really awesome to have a support like that 🙂

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