cdn for the built files(js, css)

  • If someone can point me to the right place where to configure so that I can serve the js and css files from a static URL.
    To elaborate
    Once I build my app and deploy on server
    website and can both access it. Here for e.g., Any js or CSS file will be served as ‘’ or ‘’ this duplicates the assets and CDN cost increases, if I can set these assets with ‘’ for both and it would be helpful. Any help on where I can make such a configuration?


  • @hexillion You can try something like this in your quasar.conf.js file. This is how I handle the same problem, and it works for me. I think this was the only think I had to do, so give it a shot and report back if it works, or something is still not working.

          extendWebpack (cfg) {
            if(cfg.mode === 'production') {
              cfg.output.publicPath = ''

    Edit: And of course, just serve this same webroot under, and maybe only allow serving js/css (and maybe images, etc depending on what you bundle,) or at least explicitly deny the index.html file from this assets subdomain.

  • @beets thanks for the input will try and report back

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