Electron packager , how to exclude file

  • In my Electron app i’am using exiftool-vendored, which calls external exe file.
    My app is working fine with quasar dev -m electron.
    After building it with packager it stops working.
    Problem is exiftool-vendored.exe which is packed in asar file.
    How to exclude it.
    I have tried with configuration in quasar.config.js, : instructions

    electron: {
          bundler: 'packager', // 'packager' or 'builder'
          packager: {
            asar: {
              unpack: './node_modules/exiftool-vendored.exe',

    but it doesn’t work

  • I have found solution after reading asar documentation.
    Instead of unpack , there must be unpackDir.

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