Axios request getting cancelled in android

  • I build an application in quasar, which is working fine in browser. But, my android debug app it’s not working. The app has a login form, in the very 1st step. The api call is not working as the request is getting cancelled. I have connected my device using chrome remote device option, and it’s saying request cancelled. Any suggestion will be helpful, as it’s my 1st mobile app.

  • Is the request to a backend server somewhere on the internet?
    Are you making the correct call (GET, PUT, POST, etc) for the receiving api?
    With mobile, is this reqired to be https?
    I don’t do mobile, so don’t know. Just throwing some things out.

  • Hi @Hawkeye64, It’s requesting to a live server with a valid SSL certificate. Also, I have implemented correct methods(GET, PUT, POST etc.). The app is working perfectly when I am testing it from any web browser, there must be something wrong in the mobile part.

  • Finally I was able to find out the issue, the request was failing due to some issue in Axios interceptor, which occurring only in android

  • @technowebs Ouch! I use axios interceptors too. Very convenient, but can also give you a lot of grief trying to track it down if there’s an issue in one.

  • @Hawkeye64 Here is the code I have written in the interceptors,

    axios.interceptors.request.use(function(config) {
       // Get the token from session storage
       var token = SessionStorage.getItem('token');
       // Check valid token
       if (token === null) {
           let publicPath = ['#/login', '#/forget-password'];
           // Redirect to Login if login required
           if (publicPath.indexOf(window.location.hash) === -1) {
               window.location.href = '/#/login'
        } else {
           // Set token
           token = JSON.parse(token)
           if (token) {
               config.headers.Authorization = 'Bearer ' + token
        return config;

    The problem was occurring due to the property window.location.hash, which is returning different values in mobile(now checking with android only).

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