What became of QUiN?

  • I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the release of QUiN that was showcased in the Quasar Conference, not only because it will be a useful tool, but because I am interested in using BEX in a project I am working on now.

    What is the status?

  • It’s there, just got bumped back for other work. @Allan-EN-GB can say more for sure.


  • Admin

    Sorry about that! I’ve had some stuff going down on my end so I’ve not been able to push for a final release. It’s still on my todo list though so please hold tight, I’ll get to it ASAP!! 🙂

  • No pressure chaps - at least you know we were paying attention! It looked so good in the preview, I cannot wait to see what it looks like. I think the concept of BEX is really interesting for user engagement and cannot wait to dig deeper.

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