Ionic Vue Beta now supports Vue 3

  • I’m hoping one day there’ll be a Quasar Creator to do WYSIWYG design like Ionic Creator. I think that’s one of their selling points.

    If only I had the time to do that…sigh

  • Yeah, it’s seems nice to throw the app pages together with it, but it isn’t building the app itself. A system that could do that too (i.e. have the backend connectivity with it), would be awesome.


  • It appears to work fine in my test app. It’s a tad verbose but works ok. At least, it supports Vue 3 & typescript. Still waiting to know quasar’s roadmap on Vue 3 & getting worried.

  • Why getting worried? Worried about what?


  • Ionic Vue just came out of beta today:

    Keen competition now. We had the first mover advantage on Vue, but they have a larger user base.

  • Well, let’s see who offers SSR first. 😉 Also, Quasar’s overall integration and support for other platforms is much, much better.


  • Right now I’m not migrating anything (including the quasar project CLI 2) as I’m waiting for Quasar 2 with Vue 3. I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

  • It’s sad to see so many of us professionals sometimes fall prey to the latest fad. I mean, who’s got time for even that? That’s why we got into fatigue in the first place. Unless you’re paid to do research and development, you shouldn’t jump the bandwagon of the latest version just because it got out.

    I would rather let other ones smash their teeth on the bleeding edge, and then port my apps once it’s stable. I mean at this point I’d rather use one-generation-old frameworks for development, that way I’m sure most of the bugs have been ironed out.

    Besides, hardware and browsers have come a long way. I was really surprised at how speedy and snappy an AngularJS developed 3 years go feels today (granted, given it’s been developed in a clean way).

    I’m about to kickstart the development of an app, and when I look at how Quasar is the Swiss Knife of all the Swiss knives out there, I’m thinking actual use of the stuff, and if it makes for readable code and reusability.

    No other frameworks covers so many use cases. I’m still bluffed at how many options the Quasar Team has come up with on some of the components used in the real world. You feel it really comes from experience. So I’m fairly inclined to trust the team to know what and how they are doing it.

    Besides, Vue 3 to Vue 2 is certainly not what Angular has been to AngularJS.

  • @bonatoc Absolutely true! I am amazed at how pushy people get for something as soon as it is released. At least let all your upstream libraries to get caught up and tested so it doesn’t break your own products. I am happy to stay a few months behind.

  • @bonatoc @Hawkeye64 I couldn’t agree more.

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