Quasar project path

  • Hi! Is it possible to specify the path to the project when running @quasar/app? I’m trying to integrate Quasar with Bazel (using rules_nodejs and auto-generate macros), but the problem is that Bazel runs all commands from the repository root, so I get the following error:

    App · ⚠️  Error. This command must be executed inside a Quasar v1+ project folder.

    There is the similar problem with Vue, but it handles the VUE_CLI_CONTEXT environment variable, so it’s possible to provide the project path using this variable (despite it’s not very convenient). I’ve took a look at app/lib/app-paths.js and it seems there is no way to handle my case. But maybe there is any other solution possible?

  • @peppered You are actually calling the global @quasar/cli, which in turn looks for @quasar/app in your node_modules, so it can pass project-oriented work to it. The global @quasar/cli is not finding the local @quasar/app, so you are getting that message. Another reason for getting that message, when you feel it is correct, if that node_modules has not been populated yet (like when you get your code from a repo, then forget to run yarn/npm on it).

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