Quasar v1.14.1 released!

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    • feat(ui/lang): add Uyghur language pack (#7832)
    • feat(Dialog): change merging strategy when using a custom component #7846
    • feat(backButton): Ability to completely disable Quasar’s back button management for cordova/capacitor #7827


    • fix(Notify): setDefaults() with type does not works correctly #7830
    • fix(QTime): display 00 or 12 based in computedFormat24h (#7833)
    • fix(QCarousel/QStepper/QTabPanels): corner cases in panel management (also affecting UMD) #7839
    • fix(Dialog): corner-case scenario when generating private events #7847
    • fix(ts): mark Quasar as the default export into type definition (#7850)

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