QEditor v-model issue

  • Hi everyone !

    I upgraded to Quasar 1.14.0 2 days ago and since I did it, I have some issues with the QEditor.
    Indeed, it looks like the v-model is not updated in a proper way :


    As you can see in this picture, I get the good values title 1 and Description 1 but the v-model is not updated. This was working before the version 1.14.0 by using a watch method in the view that was changing the v-model dynamically and depending of the element selected. But now, even with this method, the v-model is not correctly set anymore.

    How it looks more globally :

    The user select an element in the left list and then the element settings are updated on the right side. This is easily managed in the watch method and was working perfectly:

    this.contentHtml = this.element.properties.expression.html

    EDIT : I just tried with QInput and it’s working like a charm but not with the QEditor :

    Any idea ? Is this a real issue that I have to add on Github ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Do I have to move that in the “Help” section ? I really need help 😕

  • @Sweetyy if you see it as a bug, file a ticket with a codepen in quasar’s github repo.
    please leave a reproduction codepen here too, so that peeps can check. can’t test images :x.

  • @metalsadman thanks for the suggestion but I couldn’t reproduce it because of the complexity of the project.

    The thing is that I downgraded to Quasar 1.13.1 and it works like a charm again … I checked the release notes and saw that in the 1.13.2 version there is a fixe “fix(QEditor): correctly manage model; keep selection when model changes outside of the component #7647” and I’m almost sure the issue I got is coming from that… I’m sorry that I can’t give more details but the thing is that it’s working on the 1.13.1 and not after.

    Hope it will help a bit and I will try again to reproduce my issue.

  • @Sweetyy There is a fix to that previous commit and will be available in v1.14.2

  • Probably should have included the commit in case you wanted to review it: https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar/commit/c80e1ef27926143bdadfb5d6fcd725002fbd5f14

  • @Hawkeye64 perfect !!! Thank you so much for that ! 😃

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