[SOLVED] Prevent popup proxy from closing when clicking outside

  • Hi I am using a calendar popup similar to the one shown here: https://quasar.dev/vue-components/date#With-QInput

    but I also have an ok button that triggers a method, and I don’t want users to be able to click outside the calendar to be able to dismiss it. Is there a way to prevent popup proxy from recognizing a click outside and only have it respond to my ok or cancel buttons?

  • @ssuess use the persistent pass-through (QMenu/QDialog) property

  • This post is deleted!

  • tried this, did not work:

    <q-popup-proxy persistent>
                <q-date minimal flat v-model="startdate" mask="YYYY/MM/DD" :options="drangeOptions"/>
                  <div class="row items-center justify-end" style="margin-top:-20px;">
                    <q-btn label="Cancel" color="secondary" flat v-close-popup />
                    <q-btn label="OK" color="secondary" @click="setSlider(1)" flat v-close-popup />

  • @ssuess actually, provide a codepen. Tried it on a codepen and persistent works just fine.

  • Well shit, when I put my exact code fragment into a codepen, it works (to prevent closure when clicking outside the calendar). But in my app, it does NOT. Still trying to figure out why that would be the case…

  • @ssuess maybe youre version is not updated, not sure when the props was added, but yeah worth checking your current quasar version.

  • I finally got it working after completely blowing away the cache in my browser’s settings. Force reload was not working for some reason, even though usually a force reload (shift-reload) works when there is cached weirdness. Now it is finally working. Thanks for your help.

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