how to ignore one component error

  • we work on same project by team but there is problem if one member get error on his working component then all project not work then other team member wait him to fix erro

  • @k_magnai if it’s just an eslint error then use options: { fix: true } on your quasar.conf.js>build>extendWebpack eslint-loader config. otherwise you guys should probably use collaborative tool like git, and work on separate branches so your codes don’t clash.

  • Hi metalsadman tanks for your replay and your code demos also you write on other post i learning. use cloud9 realtime editor i don’t want to use git because its take a lot comparing code and our system special work on many domain and somethink special. Is there have any other way some lazy-compile or work like interpreted language when user visiting page that has error then show error.

  • @k_magnai

    You could disable( comment out) the component that causes the error…

    maybe this will be of help:

    Working in the same dev environment sounds like one big mess you would like to avoid 😉 Good luck!

  • Hello Dobbel thanks your replay eslint is not my problem because i disabled it. can’t comment components because other developer working on it so its making mistakes. If employee make some syntax error on somewhere then all system not work. So i can’t see my result still other developer fix their error. In production version all system not work is really good but in Development version other developer’s error must stay in place…
    Many years i used cloud9 realtime editor and don’t use git sorry for that 😃

  • also tried lazyload not help

    const routes = [
    path: ‘/some-page’,
    component: () => import(‘pages/SomePage’)

  • @k_magnai there’s really no way around that other than you or the other guy pull out the codebase and edit it locally. Unless you just want to imagine your result and just continue to code while the other guy fix his.

    Imo better ask this in cloud9 forum.

  • ok Thank you starting git 😃

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