Home link style in a Layout Drawer

  • Hello, I added a “/” link to my App title in the Layout Drawer.
    I tried to style it without success.
    How could I style it in white like all the drawer ?

    Or is there a better way in Quasar to have a such link ?

             <router-link to="/">App Name</router-link>

  • If I understand you correctly, you can just make it white with a class (class=“text-white (or class=“bg-white”, if you mean the background))”.

    <router-link to="/" class="text-white">App Name</router-link>

  • @Incremental

    some quasar components also have a to attribute, so you can use them to change route:

    <q-btn color=""  to="\" no-caps icon="account_circle" label="My Account" />

  • Thanks all, I ended with :

    <router-link to="/" class="text-white text-bold" style="text-decoration: none;" >Title</router-link>