Q-input doesn't display the values if q-input loses focus.

  • I was following the video ‘Create an App for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows - in 30 MINUTES!’ when I decided to put two other Q-Input elements in my ‘Help.vue’ page.
    The problem is that the input values for both elements is blanked out as soon as the element loses focus.
    After being tired of that, I decided to play with some checkboxes and for my surprise, when I check or uncheck any of the checkboxes the typed texts “magically” re-appear on both Q-Input elements.
    Why does this happen?? I mean, why does the text disappear when the element loses focus?
    If I am to display the text from the q-inputs, it is undefined until one of the checkboxes changes state.

  • Without the code it’s difficult to specify the problem…

    Are you using v-model on the components, or :value and @input?

    Maybe the javascript-console will show some errors and/or warnings where you can find some clue’s?

    Otherwise share the code, so we can help you better.

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