Quasar v1.14.0 released. New features for Dialog and Notify plugins and many more!

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    New (and important) new features for the Dialog and Notify plugins! Updatable and progress related. Enjoy!


    • feat(Dialog/BottomSheet): New method on create() returned object -> update({…})
    • feat(Dialog): New prop -> progress
    • feat(Notify): New prop -> “spinner”; Updateable non-grouped notification (great for ongoing process updates); ‘ongoing’ new predefined type
    • feat+refactor(QTable): Improve slots scoped data; Add “header-selection” and “body-selection” scoped slots #7519
    • feat(QSlider/QRange): New event -> @pan(‘start’/‘stop’) #7739
    • refactor(QInput/QSelect/QField): autocomplete style


    • fix(QEditor): allow to select single image for creating a link (#7714)
    • fix(QTime): snapping fails on certain scenarios #7738
    • fix(QRadio/QCheckbox/QToggle): avoid the auto label text selection when fast clicking multiple times on the control #7744
    • fix(QTable): filteredSortedRows gets chopped off due to side-effect #7752
    • fix(QEditor/api): wrong type for “param” #7642
    • fix(QInput/QSelect/QField): border z index #7690
    • fix(QBtnDropdown): type=“a” not keeping account of href/target when dropdown is splitted #7758
    • fix(TS): typing of date.getWeekOfYear() #7759

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