Add quasar to existing vue project

  • I got a vue project I worked with for a while. I want to turn this into a mobile app using quasar. I thought the Vue-cli-plugin should be the solution but it did replace the content of my app.vue etc.

    Are there any other easy way or do I need to do it manually from start?

  • Unfortunately, to get the full Quasar set of capabilities, the project needs to be a Quasar CLI project. Best thing to do is port your project over to a Quasar project. Shouldn’t be too difficult either, as Quasar is built around Vue, so all of your work should generally work with Quasar too. If you are using Vue plug-ins, you might need to build boot files to integrate them. Other than that, I don’t see any difficulties.


  • @perik I inherited a project like this, where Quasar was added to a vuejs project. At some point I needed to install a Quasar extension, which wouldn’t install from the vuejs directory.

    Eventually muscled up, created a new quasar project and started porting over the files from the vuejs directory. Was easier than I thought and wish I had done so sooner.

    Basically after I ran quasar create I copied over all files from src and was careful about not to overwrite any of the Quasar generated files. Think I had to do some work on boot, but that was it for the src directory. Next I scanned package.json in the vuejs project and did a “yarn add” on the Quasar project which saved any modules that were missing.

    Don’t recall what I did with the routes, but think I recreated them rather than copy over the vuejs routes.

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