Cloud messaging for Quasar ?

  • I’m using Quasar to build a web site and a mobile app (Android to begin with). For the mobile app I would like some push notifications. I have been googling around trying to get my head around the best approach. I took a look at Firebase Cloud Messaging as well as One Signal. The One Signal documentation seems pretty good but I am still confused how you are meant to integrate with Quasar. I also notice there are some plugins like this one - but the instructions aren’t clear either. Can anyone shed some light on the best way this can be done? Thanks.

  • @kevin7

    Push messages requires al lot of coding for websites. (your best bet is a Quasar Pwa, well because you need a service worker). With a Pwa you’ll have a solution for web and mobile app’s in one.

    This tutorial is very extensive about how to implement push messages in Quasar Pwa ( it’s the only tutorial about push messages for Quasar) :

    Same tutorial but without the source code, you’ll -->NEED<-- the source code that comes with the udemy course btw.

    Getting push messages with a Quasar app in Cordova or Capacitor mode you should see their respective websites for more info.

  • Thanks @dobbel for your response.
    Yes I took one of Danny’s courses previously, really liked it, haven’t tried the PWA one yet but will check it out.
    I also agree with you, that is I am beginning to see it is more about Cordova when trying to get Quasar + mobile working with push notifications. Will check it out from that perspective.

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