ssr+electron combination

  • Is it possible to use ssr + electron together.
    I have created src-express at the same level as src-electron
    then I import src-express/index.js from src-electron/electron-main.js (which starts express) and it works.
    But if I import src-ssr/index.js from src-electron/electron-main.js there is an error
    Can’t resolve ‘quasar-ssr’ from src-ssr/index.js

  • @fprijatelj why would you want ssr on electron apps? Just curious because it makes little sense to me , because its’ a desktop app…

  • I’m developing application which need’s very little changes between desktop and classical server based program. In Electron communication between “backend” and “frontend” is achieved with ipcMain and ipcRenderer. The same can be done with standard REST appi or graphQl over localhost:PORT. Also if you are porting standard node.js base app to Electron , it works from the start. There is no problem with express running in Electron app. I’am just using it. I just have some additional work with express routing. And if you want to port standard Electron app
    to NW.js or standard node+express app it takes quite a time.

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