Stepper does not store states

  • I have a 2 steps stepper
    In the first one I have an q-input that store information and the value is passed to the second step
    When returning back from second step to the first on the field is empty!

    How I can store the value (state) of the field? or I have to do something to restore the value when stepping back?

  • You should use v-model binding to bind your input to data on your component then this should also persist when changing steps.
    I think steppers are rendered with v-if so the whole DOM node representing the step is destroyed when changing steps and recreated when going back.

  • I am using v-model…
    <q-input primary inverted type=‘number’ v-model=“myVal” v-on:change=‘valUpdate’ />

    I found a solution by using vuex and update values BUT it is crazy when you have more than 10 variables…

  • Same problem. on .13 it has no v-if, so store data between steps, migrating is giving me some pain.
    I have a lot of data, its why i’m using stepper.

    keep-alive is not working in QStep

  • I am using the last version 0.14.4 and the problem remains the same. Stepper component does not store state.
    Any solution ?

  • Help ! @rstoenescu there something we can do ?

  • Anyone figured out a good way to work around this problem? Is there anyway I can force q-step to not use v-if, but instead set display:none or something?

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