Morph Directive and router-view (or alternative)

  • Hi,

    Does the “Morph Directive” work with two components placed in different views (page) of router-view?

    My quick test did not succeed.

    If it’s not working between views, do you suggest another library for this task?
    The main goal would be to animate an image and a title of an item’s list to become the image and title on the next page?

    I’ve seen a few libraries, but I just wanted to know what you quasar users use too.

    Thank you.

  • @ronfak any luck with this in Quasar or other Vue libaries?

  • I mostly found 2 libraries, both of the same guy. He himself suggested to use this one because it is the port of a well established react library.

    In his example #8, he shows how to use it with a vue-router.

    If you find anything else, let me know. This kind of animation is very important nowadays to get a good look & feel application.


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