q-file when running in Android's browser

  • Hi

    I have the following code

       label="Select a CSV file to import"
       accept=".csv, text/csv"

    When running on a desktop’s browser, it works as expected.
    When running on a mobile’s browser (Android/Chrome), I’m first being asked to allow recording an audio(?) and if I allow, I get a list if apps to use, I chose files and see a list of files, including all types, not just CSV. I didn’t continue from there.

    It seems that the basic idea of q-file is working but with some quirks

    1. Why does it ask me to allow it to record an audio?
    2. Why does it show me all types of files and not just the one I asked?
      I guess I’m missing a step or two. Notice that it’s running from the browser, not as an electron app.

  • @amoss
    awnser to question 2:

    Android Chrome: Offers appropriate file locations/input based on format type, but does not prevent other files from being selected.

    1. Thanks
    2. Any pointer for me to read more in order to understand why out of all the available permissions, it asks specifically about recording an audio? As you can see, the accept is for a csv file.

  • Any idea regarding “Why does it ask me to allow it to record an audio”?

  • @amoss it’s permissions jumbled up, why? because that’s how mobile os works, more like a generic permissions dialog but doesn’t pin point what exact type of file you are trying to get, you can get better answer probably if you go to their docs. Anyway, try accepting it, and see if it works.

  • I allowed it and it led me to selecting a file (with the other problem that I asked here and got an answer (Chrome issue on the mobile)).

    I ask from the user perspective, he won’t understand what the app wants from him 🙂
    I will start with searching for record an audio permission and see where it leads me.
    How can I know the underlying API of q-file when it runs under Chrome->Android? Maybe that will help me improve the search.

  • @amoss

    You’ll not gain anything from q-file source code. You should research mobile file select in general to find out what is possible. For mobile using cordova or capacitor might give you more options.

  • Well, once I add audio record permission to the search, I get all kind of links on how to do such record, this is obviously not my intention. I tried adding file selection but that didn’t help.

    Not sure what do you mean by “using cordova or capacitor might give you more options” - it works as it is, it’s just the permission request before that, that made me wondering. Maybe knowing the behind the scenes of q-file might give me at least a hint.

  • @amoss like I said it’s not about qfile, it’s on the Android side of things. You can test it on a native HTML input with type file and you’ll get the same. That’s what I meant by you digging up in “their” docs, if you really wish to dig out something out of this.

  • you digging up in “their” docs - I agree with you, the only thing is, I don’t know where to start and what to look for.
    My searches were not about q-file but about the permission in several variations but none led me anywhere.

  • @amoss pls don’t treat the quasar forums and its members as your personal Google search proxy, be independent and do research on your own.

    Consider this a warning. Locking the thread down.

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