Cant create new project on Mac Catalina

  • Hey guys,

    For a long time i cant create new project on my Mac. I think it is after i updated it on Catalina.
    So when i run

    quasar create testProject

    I am getting error

    It says that i dont have permission or something similar. But have tried running it with sudo

    Anyone have experienced similar issue and have something to fix this?

  • that command gave you that output? Because I see quasargram ( hello Danny) as project name and not testProject.

  • @dobbel said in Cant create new project on Mac Catalina:


    hey, the command i wrote was just for here to show which command i am running in order to receive this error. Sorry for leading you to missunderstanding.

    In my original case i ran

    quasar create quasargram

    and received the error above.

    Sorry again

  • you could try chmod or chown… on the Desktop/myproject folder

    If you want to make all the files in the current directory have all permissions type:

    chmod -R 777 ./

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