Help with QCalendar in Laravel

  • Hi everyone, i’m very new at using Quasar and the forum, so i hope that anyone can help me with this.

    I’m developing a Quasar/Laravel application, so i decided to use this premade presset:

    What i’m trying to do is implements QCalendar component, so i installed the package @quasar/quasar-ui-qcalendar, but when i try to import the module it shows me the error:

    ERROR in ./node_modules/quasar/src/index.esm.js
    Module parse failed: Unexpected token (13:2)
    You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
    | export default {
    | …VuePlugin,
    | install (Vue, opts) {
    | VuePlugin.install(Vue, {
    @ ./node_modules/@quasar/quasar-ui-qcalendar/dist/index.esm.js 6:0-30
    @ ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib?{“cacheDirectory”:true,“presets”:[[“env”,{“modules”:false,“targets”:{“browsers”:["> 2%"],“uglify”:true}}]],“plugins”:[“transform-object-rest-spread”,[“transform-runtime”,{“polyfill”:false,“helpers”:false}],“syntax-dynamic-import”]}!./node_modules/vue-loader/lib/selector.js?type=script&index=0!./resources/js/pages/calendar/scheluder.vue
    @ ./resources/js/pages/calendar/scheluder.vue
    @ ./resources/js/router/routes.js
    @ ./resources/js/router/index.js
    @ ./resources/js/app.js
    @ multi ./resources/js/app.js ./resources/sass/app.scss

    I want to know ¿if is possible to implement this module in the presset i mention above, and if is possible, what i am doing wrong?

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