Import strategy for Vue CLI plugin?

  • I’m running Quasar as a Vue plugin. My vue.config.js currenly looks as follows:

    module.exports = {
      pluginOptions: {
        quasar: {
          importStrategy: 'kebab',
          rtlSupport: false
        webpackBundleAnalyzer: {
          openAnalyzer: true
      transpileDependencies: [
      pwa: {

    The site works fine, but all Quasar components are imported, not just the ones I use. On the other hand, if I replace

    importStrategy: 'kebab'


    all: 'auto'

    the site breaks; many components (e.g. QLayout, QList etc.) that are used aren’t included.

    I couldn’t find any documentation on the matter. Although the docs do have autoand all as possible values for importStrategy, if I try importStrategy: auto, I get an error:

    Incorrect setting for quasar > importStrategy (auto)
    Use one of: 'kebab', 'pascal', 'combined', 'manual'.

    This probably has something to do with v1.1.2 and issue #5098, but I’ve read through those and still can’t understand what the correct solution is.

    To add to the confusion, I also have the following in src/quasar.js:

    Vue.use(Quasar, {
      config: {
      importStrategy: 'auto',
      components: { /* not needed if importStrategy is not 'manual' */ },
      directives: { /* not needed if importStrategy is not 'manual' */ },
      plugins: [
      lang: lang

    So – where do I set the import strategy, and how do I do it properly?


  • You need to place it as such:

    framework:{ all:'auto' }

  • @PS did you manage to change it as I am having the same problem?

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