PWA with white screen

  • White screen for some users, I added Hotjar script to receive the feedback and they report to me the screen is only white. Generally the problem is with users with bad connection,
    How can validate this and add a relaod button or other thing?

    Thansk for your time!

  • @ernestocuzcueta

    1. White screen for the entire app or just 1 page?
    2. Did you enable ie11 support?

    My guess is those users are using ie11 or an Android 6.x webview.

  • Hi dobbel

    Thanks, is in the first page in mobiles, tablets and desktop, in differents browsers and OS. I suppose the problem could be a slow internet connection, but I can’t debug it because in my zone works well.

  • @ernestocuzcueta

    • so only the first page is blank, all the other pages are fine? ( I doubt it)

    Blank screen almost always means errors in console.

    I doubt it has something to do with the connection. You could simulate a slow connection in chrome debugger under network ( online , throttle network).

    I had the same problem because of non ie11 compatible 3rd party dependencies. Some people still use ie11 or old android webviews.

    So try out ie11 for your self. If that works it has nothing to do with ie11 compatibility.

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