Property 'all properties, variables, etc' does not exist on type 'CombinedVueInstance<

  • I was working on a project for the last months. Yesterday I closed VSCode and today when I opened it, it shows lots of Vetur errors.
    Property ‘lclRelatorio’ does not exist on type 'CombinedVueInstance<
    I didn’t change nothing.
    I saw some people questions about this on internet and possible reason could be typescript support. I don’t have typescript on theis project.
    Another solution I saw, said to change the ‘End of Line Sequence’ on VSCode. Didn’t work.

    The extensions I have installed on my VsCode are :
    Dart, ESLint, Flutter, HTML BoilerPlate, PHP Debug, Vetur, vue, Vue 2 Snippets, Vue VSCode Snippets.

    That’s strange because i didn’t upgrade nothing or changed any config files on project or VSCode since yesterday.

    Somebody can help me ??

    Pedro Oliveira

  • I found in .vscode folder a file settings.json

    “vetur.validation.template”: false,
    “eslint.validate”: [“javascript”, “javascriptreact”, “typescript”, “vue”],
    “vetur.experimental.templateInterpolationService”: true (change this to false. It worked for me)

    I didn’t understand why that folder is there. All my other projects don’t have that folder

  • hi there i recently set up my project in a new pc and experienced the same. Glad that I found your solution. thanks!
    any how, i thought i should check if I should really turn this setting off.

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