"quasar build" in Docker is getting stuck at Compiling SPA...

  • We have other services in Docker (quite heavy backend) - they are getting downloaded/installed pretty quickly. However, “quasar build” is either taking really long time over 20 minutes or sometimes it’s just stuck forever (or at least until remote production server is logged out due to no activity) - it is always stuck at “Compiling SPA”. What could be the cause and how to go fix this issue? The VPS server is quite powerful with super fast bandwidth - so the machine itself is not at fault. We are becoming anxious to update frontend due to the build taking either very long time or may get stuck. Thanks for your help!


  • Does the project compile on a normal computer properly?


  • Yes locally it seems to be quicker

  • Could you then package/ compile together the container on your computer and only pull in the compiled container into production?


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